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These are some of my current National cartoons. Click on each thumbnail below to open it full sized in a new window. To view the archive of National cartoons, click here. We're continually adding new cartoons and updating the site, so check back often, and thanks for visiting.



Things You Don't Know About Mitt Romney

"...About Mitt Romney"


I Think We Might Be In Trouble

"Might Be In Trouble"


State Of The Union (For One Day)

"SOTU (For One Day)"


TSA Transgendered

"TSA Transgendered"


Right~Wing Surveying Equipment

"Surveying Equipment"


Inspirational Rhetoric

"Inspirational Rhetoric"


Wisconsin Has a New Animal

"Wisconsin Has a New Animal"


George W Bush Library Opens

"Bush Library Opens"


Cliche Island

"Cliché Island"


Senator Scrooge

"Senator Scrooge"


The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead"


Congress Is In

"Congress Is In"


Freedom To Starve

"Freedom To Starve"


Paper Trading

"Paper Trading"


Bootstraps Without Shoes

"Bootstraps Without Shoes"


21St Century Rescue

"21St Century Rescue"


Obvious Fix

"Obvious Fix"


Chamber of Commerce

"Chamber Of Commerce"


All Aboard!

"All Aboard!"


Gone With The Wind

"Gone With The Wind"


Just Like Shakespeare

"Just Like Shakespeare"

These are the newest National Cartoons. To view the archived ones:

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Kranky don't play favorites. Everybody is fair game. To see some of the many cartoons about the previous gangsters, er, uh, Administration:

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